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Who and What is Overdog?

We’re just your friendly, neighborhood digital marketing guides, here to help you do the things you need to do in your business. 

We Like To Turn Underdogs Into OVERdogs!

Having a small to medium sized business is difficult in today’s competitive landscape. Big companies have all the leverage with the big teams and deep pockets. The same tools the big guys use are actually available to everyone if you just know how to utilize them. 

That’s where we come in. We love providing the helping hand you need to help you accomplish all your goals and take your business where ever you want to go. Alone you may be limited but together, there’s nothing we can’t do. 


Your Marketing Captain

Fern (aka Fernando Camacho)

Fern (aka Fernando Camacho)

Before beginning to work with clients I had a number of businesses where I experimented with different tactics to grow. I’m a lover of learning and took quick a few courses and training along the way, including four certifications from Digital Marketer (the premiere education company for online marketing). 

Now I get to work with great people, who are building amazing businesses. Having spent a good portion of my life working for other people, I now see the how exciting and liberating it is to spend your days building something for yourself instead. 

My personal mission is to help you make all your entrepreneurial dreams come true and live the life you deserve. 

Our Values

These are the core values we live our lives and run our business by. 

Be Honest

We are always 100% transparent and promise to always give it to you straight. For us, honesty is the only option and the only way to run a business or life. 

Strive To Innovate

We don’t just want to do what everyone else is doing. We need to continually think creatively and seek out new ways to do things. 

Never Be Average

We don’t want to be like everyone else – just a face in the crowd. No way, we want to be one of a kind – something memorable in the best possible way. 

What Our Platform Does Best

Build Your Brand

Organize Your Business

Improved Communication

Less Overwhelm

Relevant Analytics

Expand Your Impact

Increase Satisfaction


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