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Running your business keeps you very busy and you can’t do everything. That’s why we’re here to take the pressure off you and enable you to grow your business more efficiently and with much less stress. 

Done For You Campaigns, Pre-Built Messages & High Tech Automation.

All our programs come with the Overdog platform, which allows you to harness the power of online tools to make all your marketing efforts not seem like an effort. We’ve also done much of the heavy lifting for you and created proven campaigns, written winning copy as well as walking you through everything you need to do. 

 For your business to succeed long term you need to maximize what you do (so you don’t waste time), have systems in place (to keep things moving no matter how busy you are) and do the specific things that will move you forward (and not waste time on unproven or ineffective tactics. 


Managing Your Business Can Be Overwhelming – But It Doesn’t Have To Be.

Our programs can help you do everything you need to build and maintain a thriving business.

Manage Your Online Reputation

You need to have a consistent image for your business that carries across all online platforms.

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 The importance of online reviews grows every single day. The provide valuable social proof that can often be the difference between someone becoming a customers. The more reviews you have on Google, the higher your ranking in search results and the more people will choose you over a competitor. 

Online reviews are becoming more important every day and most people will not make a buying decision without first checking online reviews. The more positive reviews you have, the more your business is seen an industry leader. 

We’ll help you implement our proven system for getting a steady stream of 5 star reviews online, helping you dominate your market. We have a done for you automation that makes sending review requests easy for you and your customers. Our reputation dashboard keeps everything organized and makes it simple for you to keep track of your review requests, monitor the results and respond to reviews all in one place. 

Central Communicate Hub

All your communications channels in one place making it easy to stay organized and respond.

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With so many online channels, it’s hard to keep up with all the incoming messages, texts, DM’s and emails. In your busy day it can be hard to go to each platform, check your messages and respond in a timely manner. 

We live in an age of immediate gratification and people expect quick responses to their inquiries. If they don’t hear back from you soon, they’ll quickly move on to the next business. 

The Overdog platform brings in all your communications channels into one simple dashboard where you can respond and it will go out to whatever platform it was sent to. If someone reached out via the website chat widget, it will send them a text; if someone sent you a message in Facebook, your response will go to their FB Messenger; Instagram messages will go to IG and chat coming in from Google My Business will go to a text to their cell number. 

It also comes with a full drag and drop email builder that enables you to send simple text email or full html formatted emails. You’ll also get full control to send it to everyone or segment it to only specific people. Once it’s sent, you get full analytics of open rates and how it performed. 

Paid Advertising

When you’re ready to take the fast route, we’ll get your a burst of new customers with online ads.

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Yes, running online ads will get you more leads much faster than organic methods but it does so much more. Ads help you spread your message to more people and strengthen your brand’s image in your marketplace. It keeps you top of mind and makes you the first company people think about. 

Running ads online is a very complicated and ever-changing skillset but we love it. We’ll take care of all the heavy lifting for you: creating the ads, writing all the copy, uploading them to each platform and them we monitor the results daily and make any optimizations needed. This will help you get the most return on your ad spend and make it easy for you to run campaigns that convert. 


Search Engine Optimization

Get your business noticed more by showing up higher in search results.

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The business landscape gets more competitive every day so it can be hard to get your business to be seen in all that noise. The good news is that there are things we can do to help your business show before your competitors and be seen more often. 

By optimizing your Google My Business profile, increasing your online reviews, optimizing the meta data on your website and making sure your business is on every online listing directory, we can make sure you that your business rises to the top in search results, getting you seen by more people.


Bring In More Leads

Every business has a certain amount of churn so you need to have a process of bringing in new leads.

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No matter what kind of business you’re in, you’ll always need new customers coming in. Yes, it’s critical you take care of your existing customer base and make sure you’re always increasing their lifetime value, but you’ll also want to devote some of your rescources to continually bringing in new people. 

The Overdog program allows you to bring in more leads using your existing organic traffic. Yes, we can help you run ads if you want to supercharge things, however there’s a few simple things we can do to bring you in more leads from what you’ve already got. 

We’ll make it easy for people to contact you with questions via your Google My Business page, your website and your solial media channels. 

Communication Automations

Easily create communication flows that go out over time on autopilot. 

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Leverage the power of the Overdog platform to craft a series of messages that go out over time. This allows you to set up a sequence once and have it run continually over time without you having to do anything else. 

This is perfect for appointment reminders, newsletters, sales funnels or even behavior based actions (like if someone texts back “yes” you send them one automated message but if they text “no” you send them a different one).

We start you off with a few pre-built automations that we know are very useful but then you can create as many as you like because it’s easy with our point and click workflow builder. 


Website Design & Hosting

We can create you a high converting, fully responsive website that will impress. 

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Your website is your online storefront and it NEEDS to be good. You only get a few seconds online to make a good enough impression to make people what to go further. Your website is critical to showcasing your brand and encouraging people to take the next step. 

We can build you a custom designed website that will look beautiful, while also being very functional to convert viewers into customers. It will be built fully responsive so that it adapts perfectly to whatever device the viewer is on so that it gives them a good experience every time. 


Customer Management

Stay organized and keep better records of all your communications with your leads and customers.

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With our full CRM system you’ll be able to keep records of new leads and customers. You’ll have a full record of how they came in contact with your company, all their communication with you and you’re ablet o send text and email messags to them right from the contact page. 

You’ll also be ablet to manage your incoming calls so that everyone feels taking care of, even if you can’t pick up the call. With the missed text call back feature, if someone calls you but you don’t pick up, the Overdog system will immediate send them a pre-written text explaining that you’re busy and asking them how you can help them. 

This makes your callers feel taken care of and allows you to never miss an oportunity. to service your customers and take care of new leads. 

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